Our Mission

The primary goal of the Antenna Group is to foster active research in antenna design in Ghana. To become the hub of Antenna and Microwave Research in West Africa and the entire continent by designing novel antennas with simulation tools and manufacturing them with the help of local and international partners (that we are currently seeking) for academic research and industry.

Recent Publications


M. S. Ellis, N. A. Owusu-Achiaw, S. A. Osei, D. Nakojah, “circularly polarized printed edge-placed printed monopole antenna using theory of characteristic modes”, Microw. Opt. Technol. Lett., pp. 1 – 9, 2023


K. O. Gyasi, A. Boukarkar, K. S. O. Kwakye, M. S. Ellis, A.-R. Ahmed, J. J. Kponyo, M. A. Basit, N. Shoaib, "Characteristic mode analysis of a compact circularly polarized rotated square slot antenna" Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, pp. 1-8, 2023


M. S. Ellis, Nana Afia Owusu-Achiaw, Stephen Asante Osei, David Nakojah "Design of a circularly polarized printed open-slot antenna using theory of characteristic modes" Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, pp. 1-9, 2023


M. S. Ellis, J. Nourinia, Ch. Ghobadi, K. Hosseini, F. Alizadeh, B. Mohammadi, "Compact wideband printed antenna with circularly polarized titled beam radiation using a Quasi-radiator," AEU Int. Journal of Electronics and Communication, pp. 1-12, 2023.

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Engineering, College of Engineering

Department of Telecommunication

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana
+233 502 329090

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Our Vision

The antenna group was officially established by Dr. Sani Mubarak Ellis in 2020. The group is part of the Department of Telecommunication Engineering, KNUST.

+233 502 329090


Northwest Antenna And Microwave Research Lab, Urmia University, Iran
Chalmers University Of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
Division Of Computational Physics, Institute Of Computational Science, TDTU, Vietnam
Rohde & Schwarz, Germany
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