Theory of Characteristic Modes (TCM)
Theory of Characteristic Modes (TCM)

Radiation Characteristics of antennas are typically dependent on how the surface currents on antennas behave. The Theory of Characteristic Modes (TCM) provides us with a physical understanding and analysis of how antennas act the way they do. This is a great tool that has solved so many analytical problems in antenna engineering. It is used in the design of circularly polarized antennas, unidirectional antennas, and for bandwidth enhancement analysis in antennas, among others.

Other Researches
Other Researches

  • Soft and Hard Surfaces (Metamaterials) in Printed Antenna Applications
  • Smart Antennas
  • Reconfigurable Antennas

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The antenna group was officially established by Dr. Sani Mubarak Ellis in 2020. The group is part of the Department of Telecommunication Engineering, KNUST.

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